New Glenn Goode Documentary Project

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Check out our latest Kickstarter Project and a big thank you to all of you who pledged towards our last one!

Muffler Men have been part of the American landscape for more than 50 years now.  These giant fiberglass statues were first produced as advertising devices in 1962.  International Fiberglass produced thousands of these statues before closing its shop in Venice, California in the early 1970s.  Hundreds of these statues remain and each one of them has a unique history.  Many of the owners of these statues have a deep connection with them.

Glenn Goode of Gainesville, Texas has been collecting these statues and making his own versions of them since the early 1980s. He has five giant statues on display in front of his farm property.  His collection includes two Muffler Men, a Uniroyal Gal, and two Big John statues.  Glenn has also produced Muffler Men statues which stand in Sherman, Texas and Amarillo, Texas.  He also has an assortment of molds in his barn.

Glenn is now in his 70s and has lots of stories to share about these statues.  As anyone who has stopped to take photos of his statues will tell you, Glenn is quite the talker.  While he has appeared in a few newscasts and YouTube videos, no one has produced an in-depth documentary about him and his statues. We would like to take a trip to Gainesville to do just that.

The American Giants crew has been documenting Muffler Men statues since 2011.  Normally, we pay for the travel and production expenses associated with the blog and videos.  However, we’d like to ask for your help with this one.  We are introducing this Kickstarter campaign to help out with the cost of producing a documentary that will properly showcase Glenn and his statues.

Since this is a small project, we are keeping the rewards simple.  At the moment, we are actively restoring the Mortons Gap Muffler Man statue.  This project was successfully funded through our previous Kickstarter campaign.  As soon as we return the statue to Kentucky, we can begin working on editing the Glenn Goode documentary.  With your help, we would like to get the video footage for it now.  I met Glenn a few years ago but it was only a brief visit.  I am eager to return and Glenn is anxious to speak with us.  Your support can help make that happen.


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