American Giants Episode #11

photo 3-9We are happy to announce the launch of the second season of American Giants, with this extended episode from one of our road trips last year. Instead of the normal 10-15 minutes, episode 11 runs for a full 20 minutes and covers Muffler Men from Flagstaff to Hayward, CA. This episode centers on Bruce Kennedy of Bell Plastics and his growing collection of Muffler Men and other fiberglass giants. It was great to sit down with Bruce and get his story and Neto and I had a great time shooting this episode. I have also shortened the open sequence for the second season, since I think we all know the basics by now of where Muffler Men came from. We have 9 more episodes lined up for this season of American Giants, at this point I am uncertain if there will be a third season or not. If you enjoy these episodes, let us know!


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