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Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 11.35.28 PMI’m often asked if I know of any muffler men for sale. Although there are over 180 muffler men out there they are rare and hard to find if your interested in getting your own. Owners are generally very reluctant to part with their giants. Another common question is “what is a muffler man worth?” This can vary greatly, I have heard of muffler men selling for as little as $30 and for well over $10,000. There is no official price for the giants since the originals sold for much less back in the 1960’s. If your interested in purchasing a Muffler Man be sure and check this page a few times a month as I update it when I hear of a Muffler Man for sale. If you have a Muffler Man and want to sell him, this is a great place to advertise or hold an auction hosted by American Giants. If you are interested please send an email to with the muffler man info and pictures and we will contact you with further details. Your also welcome to comment below. Also be sure and check out our restorations page. We have the ability to make spare parts for Muffler Men and those are available by order. We also specialize in complete restorations.

Current Muffler Men For Sale

Howard Huge Marden’s Muffler Man Auction – Winslow, Maine 

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Current Bid – $10,122                  High Bidder – Large Marge     Reserve NOT Met

End Date December 10, 2017            Buy It Now – $30,000         Condition – Good

History You are bidding on an original International Fiberglass Muffler Man. This particular one was probably manufactured sometime after 1966, and is one of the rare bow tie versions. He us unique in that he is a one of a kind custom job done by International Fiberglass and has a unique hat. It is not known who ordered him originally or where he stood . It is speculated that he originally was from Oakland, Manchester or Winslow, Maine with a few others remembering him as being out of state. He was purchased used 1976-1978 by Marden’s Surplus and Salvage Company and named “Howard Huge”. The giant was used outside a few different store fronts, primarily Waterville and Bangor in the 70s and 80s. When the company continued to grow and open more stores, the use of the giant was discontinued and he was put in storage sometime in the early 1990s. He has been stored indoors since that time and is in very good condition with just a few scuff marks as well as a few cracks under his arms. He has also had a few patches and repairs over the years. His existence has been unknown until American Giants became aware of him in August, 2017.


Howard is an original International Fiberglass Muffler Man. He is a rare Bow Tie version that were often used at Gas Stations. He has a unique hat that is also very rare. He stands 19′ 6″ tall and has a head that is fiberglassed on unlike almost all the other Muffler Men. This provides much more strength, but the head cannot be removed. The hat arms and legs can all be unbolted and removed. The giant has only minor damage for his age. A few scuff and scrape marks with some very minor fiberglass damage on his fingers. Very small cracks appear under his arms. Also his butt was damaged and patched at some point leaving a rougher surface than he had originally. Overall, what damage he has is very fixable and he comes with standard eye bolts in his shoulders that will support his weight for lifting and moving. He also has brackets in his feet for bolting down and securing.

Auction Rules and Conditions

Muffler Man is being sold as is and where is. Buyer accepts giant in current condition and is responsible for picking up the Muffler Man by December 29, 2017. Once auction or sale is complete, American Giants will provide the buyer contact info, and buyer will work directly with Marden’s for payment and pickup. Marden’s will help load the giant, but will not tie down or secure the load. Giant must be picked up before or on December 29, 2017. Buyer must be prepared to pay with cashiers check sent express service to Marden’s. There will be a 5 business day hold period on the check to insure funds are available. There is a no return or refund policy with this auction, all sales are final.

Open bidding is allowed before December 10, and all submitted bids will be posted as soon as possible after each bid (within 8 hours during waiting period and immediately on auction day) Bidders must email a username as well as name, and phone number in order to bid (only bid and username will be public). The bidding process can be bypassed at any time if a buyer agrees to the “buy it now price” listed on this auction. If the “buy it now” option is selected, the auction will be canceled and the auction page will be updated once payment is made. To select the “buy it now” option simply email us and we will start the process, first come first serve. The buy it now option will no longer be available once the reserve price has been met, or on December 10, 2017. Once the bidding reaches the reserve price, we will indicate that in the auction details. The auction is truly considered live once the reserve price is met.

On December 10, 2017 bidding will continue as normal till 8:00 PM EST. On that day your bid will show up on this for sale page within minutes of you placing it. At 8:00 PM EST, 15 minutes must elapse without a bid for the auction to be complete. It there is a bid during that time, the clock will reset to 15 min in case any more bids come in. Once 15 minutes has elapsed without anymore bids, the auction will end. This can continue up 10:00 PM EST, at which time we will go with the highest bid on the hour sharp.

A phone number can be provided to bidders who would rather place their bids by text. Both texted bids and emailed bids will be processed and posted within minutes on auction day, and within 8 hours all other days. American Giants reserves the right to eliminate anyone from bidding. Once placed, you cannot retract a bid. To connect this Muffler Man directly with those looking for one, the seller is using this website for auction. Understand we are not an official auction house.

To Bid

If interested in bidding or the “buy it now” option, please email us with a username you would like to be known as, as well as your first and last name, and phone number (only your bid and username will be public). Once you submit your bid, you should see it reflected on this page within 8 hours (normally much sooner), on auction day your bid will show up almost immediately. Please be sure and hit page refresh button often to see bidding activity. If you have any questions or require more details or pictures, let us know.

Email –



Recently Sold Muffler Men

Tempe, AZ – September 2017

image2An original 1963 14ft version Muffler Man was sold at EJ’s auction for $800 in late September. He came from the Minder Binder Bar in Tempe and used to hang from the ceiling above the stage. He was in rough condition with a missing head and arms and a replacement bear head (also original IF) Not sure yet who bought him or where he is going.




Tempe, AZ – September 2017

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 9.19.21 PMAn original Bunyan head that at one time was part of a 20ft version Muffler Man was sold at EJ’s auction for $1,100 in late September. He came from the Minder Binder Bar in Tempe and used to hang on the wall along with many other unique items. He was in rough condition with a poor paint job and some cracking.  Not sure yet who bought him or where he is going.



Moody, AL – August 2017

IMG_5681International Fiberglass made a non little known giant for the short lived Wagon Ho fast food chain. These seated teamasters perched on top of the resturants, made to look like covered wagons. Although an impressive site the chain died quickly and the giants found various new homes, mostly in the Carolinas. One such giant originally sat in Eastwood Mall in Birmingham, AL but retired to the countryside years later. He has recently been sold and will be moving west! More details soon.

Feeding Hills, MA – May 2017

img_6036The Giant Waving Man in Feeding Hills disappeared around May 2017 and at this point we have no information on what happened to him or where he went. We don’t know if he was sold or simply moved to a new location or stored. We have received confirmation from several sources that he is indeed missing. If you have any information on his new location please let us know


Mecca, CA – May 2017

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 1.48.35 AMThe Mecca CA Muffler Man has been in California probably since he was a Phillips 66 Cowboy. He ended up alongside 111 in Mecca near the Salton Sea at a small convenience store, In 2001 his head vanished and finally he disappeared entirely in 2007. In 2014 he reappeared at the same location full restored and with his head again. In mid May 2017 he was sold at the Yucca Valley swap meet and it is unknown where he will end up.

Winter Garden, FL – Feb 2017

Ocoee Uniroyal Gal wideThe Winter Garden Uniroyal Gal has been in Florida since she advertised for Uniroyal back in the 60s. She ended up at Griffith tire and then was sold to a boat business in the early 90s. She stood on Florida Highway 50 until the business closed in 2001. American Giants has been looking for her on an off since 2012 and finally located her late last year and negotiated a sale. At this point we eventually plan to restore her and possibly work with events and venues to display her from time to time.

Pocatello, ID – Nov 2016

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-1-22-21-pmThis cowboy Muffler Man stood at the Hurricane Car Wash in Nampa, ID in the late 1990s. In the early 2000s he was moved to Bridger, MT and in 2003 he was set up in front of a casino. He is most likely a former Phillips 66 Cowboy and still has his original platform. In 2016 he was sold to The Museum of Clean in Pocatello, ID and will be transformed into the largest janitor. The museum will keep his hat on display but he will no longer be a cowboy.

Valley Park, MO – Oct 2016

img_4735This cowboy was originally at a business in  Belleville, IL and was purchased by Croft Trailer sometime in the late 90s. It was installed on the roof of the business until 2009 when a violent windstorm blew him down. He was badly damaged and laid where he fell until he was purchased by American Giants for restoration in October 2016. He will be fully restored to a Phillips 66 Cowboy.

Atlanta, GA – Oct 2016

img_3834After holding a sucessful auction for a Mr Bendo Muffler Man, American Giants received allot of interest in the second one that was not sold. It needed some repair on the legs and so it was stored until we were able to repair the fiberglass damage. In October we sold the second Mr Bendo that is a twin to the current giant in Indianapolis and the other Bendo in Kansas City. The giant will undergo a new paint job and will emerge again in the Atlanta area sometime next year and will be publicly displayed.

Pahrump, NV – Oct 2016

img_4619American Giants was recently able to purchase the former Texaco Big Friend turned green giant, from the Pahrump Museum. After being decommisioned by Texaco, somehow the Young Electric sign company got him and sold him in 1981 to Jack Stanton who had him turned into the Valley Homes Giant and set up on the sign. He was taken down in 2013 and heavily damaged before being donated to the local Museum. We plan to completely restore the former Big Friend and eventually display him at different locations across America.

Kansas City, KS – July 2016

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-1-38-36-pmAmerican Giants recently held it’s first Muffler Man auction and sold a rare Mr Bendo version. The giant was stored at the restoration shop in Southern IL for a few years before being sold to the high bidder “stoneones”on July 17, 2016. It has not been revealed exactly where the Muffler Man will reappear but we do know that he will be standing in front of a gym holding a giant dumbbell. Our other Mr Bendo version could also possibly end up in Kansas City as well.

Warrenton , TX – Jan 2016

texastorsoBig George has been  a resident of Warrenton, TX since at least 2000 at the Sterling McCall Old Car Museum. Today the business is called the Lone Star Gallery but it is owned by the same family. Big George is a classic service man version and was in great condition when he was first set up. Sadly he toppled over during a storm in 2010 and got busted up pretty good. He has been in storage for the last 5 years and was sold in January 2016 to Vintage Roadside of Portland, OR. A full restoration is in this giants near future.


Rapid City, SD – Nov 2015

IMG_0196American Giants was happy to be of help to Kevin Cummings, president of Cummings Plumbing Heating and Cooling, by advertising the auction of the Muffler Man in Rapid City South Dakota. He won the auction for the miner/cowboy and waisted no time in moving him to his business in Tucson, AZ. Although the Muffler Man looked almost brand new in the pictures, Kevin told us that he actually needed a full restoration to fix the many cracks and paint job. Kevin displays his cowboy with the University of Arizona logo on his hat, the Muffler Man is Arizonans biggest fan.

Havre De Grace, MD – Dec 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 7.13.28 PMIt has been rumored for awhile now, that the Havre De Grace  Muffler Man might be moving.  The business has been closed for some time, and a few people have been wondering if the giant would be put up for sale. The giant was  spotted  on Dec 2 on a trailer being hauled away from the business he has stood at for so many years. It was revealed later that the giant is in storage at the owners residence after the sale of the property and was not sold.

South Carolina – Sept 2015

IMG_8622A Muffler Man was recently sold in South Carolina. He was in Savannah back in the 60s and stood at a Muffler Shop. The sellers father purchased the place in 1978 and turned it into a car wash but did not want the giant at the business so he was taken down and hauled up to SC and stored on private property. It is very possible this is an old Phillips 66 Cowboy. I have seen pictures of one in 1966 in Greenwood, SC. The giant was sold in late September and has been moved to Grove, OK.
El Monte, CA – August 2015
Gallitan TN M ManA few months back I posted a the El Monte Muffler Man in this For Sale section after hearing that he had been advertised on craigslist. The El Monte Muffler Man is one of just a handful of Golfer versions left and used to stand at Three Oaks Golf and Slide in Monrovia back in the mid to late 60s. After the place went under he was moved to El Monte where he stood until August when he was moved all the way to Tennessee! He now stands at Four Way Muffler in Gallatin.
Brimfield, NJ – June 2015
Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 2.45.58 PMA Muffler Man head recently popped up for sale at a flee market in Brimfield, NJ. I think this may be the Muffler Man that once stood in Manville, RI at a small lumber company. The giant went missing in 1993 and this head very well could be from that giant. It is unknown if the rest of the lumberjack survived but the head was purchased by Vintage Roadside in Oregon.
Mt Vernon, IL – June 2015
Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 11.52.43 PMAfter 64 years of serving the Mt Vernon area, Stan the Tire Man closed it’s doors on the first of June 2015. Stan Koziara opened his tire shop in 1949 and became known as Stan the Tire Man. Sixteen years later he became aware of International Fiberglass and Muffler Men through a colleague at Lauterbach Tire in Springfield IL, who had purchased one of the Bunyan models. Stan ordered a lumberjack and also picked up a Uniroyal Gal, after she was no longer needed by the Uniroyal company. In 1993 Dale Lowery purchased the business and he and his wife took over operations. Both statues stood together for many years at one of the stores until the Bunyan was moved to another location and then sold in 2007. The Uniroyal Gal stood on at the main store until it was announced Stan’s was closing. That’s when Bruce Kennedy from Hayward, CA found out about the gal looking for a new home, and decided she would be a perfect addition to his growing collection of International Fiberglass giants.
 Kingsville, MD – March 2015
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.04.29 PMIt isn’t very often a unknown Uniroyal Gal pops up for sale. Surprisingly this one has been for sale since 2013 but was only advertised locally, until her owners found this website. She is originally from Chinqoteague VA and stood at a mini golf course back in the 80s. The golf course when out of business and she was thrown into a swamp. In the 90s some farmers from Kingsville Maryland were trying to get the Viking in town but the owner didn’t want to sell him and told them about the Uniroyal girl in the swamp. They found the owner and purchased her and she has been at Huber’s Farms on their haunted hayride for many years. She was just recently sold and moved to Livingston, IL and will join some other giants at the Pink Elephant Antique store on old Route 66.

57 thoughts on “For Sale


    • Hi,
      I would make you a new muffler man for $11,500.00
      FOB Hayward, CA 94545
      Shipping weight with box 800 lbs.
      60 days
      1/2 down 1/2 when we ship. Deposit can be credit card.
      Thank you,
      Bruce Kennedy
      Bell Plastics
      510 – 784 – 1111

      • thanks for the offer bruce but its the story and history behing the muffler men is why we want a used one even if we have to refurb it. but we will keep you in mind thanks

      • WTB Muffler men for sale
        I am looking for one of these Giant men statues …Am in Orlando florida

    • We have Big Ed for sale! Located in Rapid City, SD see pictures on roadside america Stamper Miner. He will be going up for auction on 5/28 unless he sells before then. .

  2. Looking for any large fiberglass statue for my fence shop.

    Florida State Fence
    Tampa, Fl

  3. We are retired farmers and had aquired the Uni Royal Gal from a marsh in Chinqoteague Virginia years ago. She was one of the highlights in our Hubers Farm Haunted Hayrides in Maryland. We are since retired and are looking to sell her. (this giant has now been sold)


  5. Looking to purchase a Giant to add to the fiberglass statue collection at Vintage Roadside. We have the A&W Burger Family and they’re ready for a big brother or sister. 🙂

    Condition not important as long as it’s complete.

    (503) 706-1669.

  6. Joel I have been trying to contact you for 2 yrs I bought muffler man that stands at four way muffler. Please call me ************. Shawn fennell

  7. I am looking for the requirements for erecting a 26 foot muffler man. I need the dimensions for the concrete base and any tips on erecting it and tethering it for wind. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • We just installed big Ed in Tucson call 5203109226 we have a complete concrete base and set of plans we had to have done.

  8. I am interested in purchasing a large Indian statue. If you have one for sale or if you know where I can locate one, please get back to me. Please email me at or call my cell phone at 276-385-5745. Thank you for any assistance you can provide. GOD Bless, Larry

  9. folks I am looking to buy a big fiberglass bull like 13 feet tall and 22 feet long anybody know of one may even buy something else animal like and unique thanks any ideas

  10. Looking for old giants, zoo animals, characters and theme park stuff for filming of project auction reality show filming this year, not another shipping wars.

  11. Looking for good condition muffler man in Atlanta Georgia. Have 3 highly visible locations for statues. Would like at least one original if possible. Like to collect old junk, but have interest in making advertising landmark.


    Mike Whitman

    They have a couple acers of old molds and parts and pieces. the rehab units and make new ones too. We visited them in Sparta WI a few years back and they had a 60 muffler man that they were repairing and converting into something new for a client.

  13. I am interested in a muffler man or any large statue that would draw attention to my tire shop,,,please call me ay 740-404-2568 Ed

  14. Hey everyone,
    I am interested in purchasing a Muffler Man for my lumber business, if anyone has one they would like to sale please let me know.

  15. Can’t wait to see her.
    I live less than a block from the Lauterbach giant.
    I would like to be in Livingston when she is installed.

  16. Am ardently looking about to locate and purchase and Muffler Man or similar large character for roadside business. Am willing to pay generously! Thx. Dave

  17. I would like to buy Texaco big friend or any other large fiberglass statues to add to my collection at the Pink Elephant Antique Mall in Il.

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