American Giants started doing restorations in 2015 and specializes in Muffler Man restoration, transport as well as set up and take down services. Our restorations include sanding, fiberglass repair, internal structure manufacturing as well as painting and airbrush work. We also have the ability to make replacement parts for Muffler Men. For quotes and pricing please contact us

Current Restorations

We are currently restoring a original Bunyan that stood in Chicago in the 60s and 70s and will start working on restoring one of the 4 remaining Texaco Big Friends summer 2017.

Previous Restorations

Lake Ozark Chief Bagnell Restoration

Mortons Gap 14ft Bunyan Restoration 

BackFeetFront and FaceFront HeadlessSide and back

American Giants Restoration Update Videos

Update #1

Update #2

Update #3

Update #4

Update #5

Update #6