#1 Dade City M Man

Dade City M ManDade City Muffler Man, spotted Jan 31, 2011. This was my first sighting and the day my hobby  was born. This is a Bunyan version of the muffler man. As common with almost all Bunyan versions he has the buttons on his pants and pant legs end at the top of the boots. However he is unique in that he has a ball cap instead of the standard knit cap. He is one of 4 muffler men owned by Big Mechanic in the Tampa Bay area and after talking to his owner Steve we found out this guy was the former Osage Beach Muffler man in Missouri. His feet had been filled with concrete so in order to move him to Florida his feet were broken up and then patched back together again. His knit cap is still there but disguised as a ball cap with the added visor. I was able to visit the location again in November 2012 and talk with Steve about his history as well as the rest of the muffler men in his collection. The locals seem to enjoy having this giant welcoming travelers into their town.

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