#18 Los Angeles, CA M Man

In March 1997 Roadside America verified a tip that came in from “Wink Junior” about a possible muffler man at the corner of North Mission Rd and Gallardo St. They had gone down shortly after he posted and verified it and put a picture of it on their site. And until I posted a comment and picture in early August 2011 not another mention was made of it (as far as I know). It was one of my early posts on roadside america and being new in the hobby I didn’t bother going in to ask about his history. So he is one of the M men out there I still almost know nothing about. He’s just miles from where muffler men were made so it was a quick trip to have him delivered and I am guessing he has been at this spot ever since he was purchased most likely in the 60’s. Just to the north of him is a huge shipping container yard that is also known as as the Piggy Back Yard and for 25 years now the city has wanted to turn these 150 acres into a huge park but the property owner Union Pacific is still reluctant to part with it. So the entire area around this guy remains very much industrial.


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