Muffler Men Location Map


I have received a few requests and interest in the google map I showed in the first American Giants promo. When I first started my hobby I wanted a way to not only see where all the muffler men were located but also make notes about each one. So I built a map in google that was private but gave me every muffler man location that I had heard about. This map is always a work in progress and every time I learned of a current or former location I would add it. Also every time I visited a location I would jot down in google maps all of my notes. The map is basically a copy of what Roadside America has on their site and includes former and current locations as well as additional discoveries I have made. The google map is also a nice tool to use with your smart phone and when on a trip you can see what muffler men may be around you. Roadside America has also updated their muffler man map recently and cleaned it up and added some cool graphics for easier navigation and identification. At the moment my map is not public because it is more like a personal notepad where I jot down all kinds of stuff. However if there is enough interest I will take the time to convert my google map into a public map that I will share here and anyone is welcome to use it when tracking muffler men. It will include all versions of muffler men and their current and past locations (to the best of my knowledge) as well as other closely related giants like the vikings, A&W Root bear family, Big John statues, Big Friends, Sinclair Dinosaurs, Beach Guy, Pioneer Man, Texaco Tigers and a few other International Fiberglass items. The map will be color coded so you can see for example what is an indian or a cowboy without even clicking on it. If you do choose to click on a marker you will get basic info on that muffler man. More information will appear on this blog about each location then will be available on the map. I also will have question marks on the map for missing muffler men I have not tracked down yet.


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