#65 Lake George – Magic Forest Pecos Bill


IMG_20120709_125726In addition to the clown described in this post, Magic Forest in Lake George, NY has 3 other Muffler Men.  The owner refers to this one as “Pecos Bill.” It is not known where this statue came from or how long it has been at Magic Forest.  Pecos Bill was heavily modified at some point.  His chaps, vest, beard, and large droopy hat are unique.  The owner said that the hat seems to sag a little lower each year.  This Muffler Man is one of 4 or 5 that have long sleeves.  I have not been able to determine if these sleeves were original or a later addition.

Determining the origins of drastically modified Muffler Men can be challenging.  However, I have concluded that this one was originally one IMG_20120709_125514of the Paul Bunyan models.  This statue’s straggly beard is covering the original fiberglass beard.  Paul Bunyan statues’ pants are tucked into the tops of their boots.  This Pecos Bill statue’s pants go all the way down to his shoes.  However, the markings where the original pants legs ended are still visible.  This statue is one-of-a-kind and has been painted with the darkest tan that I’ve ever seen, also the statue’s shoes have square toes which I have not seen before.  This was probably another International Fiberglass option to make this cowboy statue more authentic looking 

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