Drones and Michigan Giants

In October, American Giants got a chance to take a quick trip up to Southern Michigan, to see some Muffler Men. Casey Jones the Muffler Man, was a custom job much like Jesse James in MO, that was probably made for a railroad themed amusement park or museum in Boyne Falls, back in the late 60s or early 70s. Today he stands at the Ed Lowe foundation, and is not generaly assessable to the public so we thought we’d give you a close up look. Ed Lowe purchased the giant at an auction in the mid 70s, and moved him to the foundations camp area, where Casey is surrounded by railroad cars.

We also made a stop in Bangor, MI to see one of the Carpet Vikings that International Fiberglass made. The giant is difficult to get to because it is on the ball field and behind a few locked gates, but this is not an issue if you have a drone (as always, we obtained permission first). American Giants has been experimenting with using drones to get some different perspectives on Muffler Men. It works much better then a go pro on a stick, and apparently we arn’t the first to have the idea, check out this awesome video by Robert Peak of George & Pam Farnham’s “farm of colossi”, in Ungar, WV.


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