The Restoration of Howard Huge


img_7287Since 2015 American Giants as been restoring Muffler Men, and our list of completed projects is growing. Our passion has always been the giants, but what started out in 2011 as mostly visiting and research, has now grown into offering many services to Muffler Man owners. We help interested buyers find and purchase originals, we often take down, and set up the giants as well as transport them. We also specialize in building internal structures for them, as well as full restorations. Although it is difficult to find and purchase originals, a few undiscovered ones turn up every few years, and we are always on the lookout to find these long lost relics of 1960s Americana.

img_6398In 2017 we were contact by a salvage and surplus company in Maine called Marden’s. They had purchased a Muffler Man back in the mid 70s and named him Howard Huge. He was used in front a few of their stores over the years before being retired to their warehouse in the late 90s. While cleaning out that warehouse and making more room, he was rediscovered and they contacted us to help them find a buyer. We were able to connect them with the Wine Garage, down in Fredericksburg Texas and the purchase was made. The wine Garage then asked us to assist in his transport, restoration and setup.

img_5978We had to squeeze Howard into our already busy summer schedule but in December 2018, we were able to deliver him to Texas and assist in getting him up on a huge sign that was made just for him. Instead of explaining all the details here, we thought we would make a short documentary about him so you can get a front row seat, and see for yourself just what it is we are all about. Enjoy!



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