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Roadside America for years now has had a map of all known muffler man locations on their website. Recently they updated this map and added all new head icons so you can tell what kind of muffler man it is just by looking at the icon. The map shows Bunyans, half wits, uniroyal gals, indians, cowboys, service men, mutants and even big johns! They did an awesome job in adding new sightings for this map and getting rid of some of the older long gone or miss mapped muffler men. A few years ago I announced I was working on my own map, it is still a work in progress. I may release it one day but there really is no nead because the guys at Roadside America have done a fantastic job on theirs.

Roadside America Muffler Man Map

12 thoughts on “Muffler Man Map

  1. Here in Columbus, Ohio, we have some 10 foot tall Cowboys sitting on a rail fence and I believe they were placed there for a chain of restaurants called Best Western Pancake House. I have a few photos, if you’re interested.

    • Thanks so much for sharing the info about the cowboys. I have been to Columbus and I remember seeing the statues your talking about. There are 10 or so that exist and most of them can be found in Ohio still. Thanks for the sighting tip!

    • Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been up to Ohio to visit your seated cowboys. Very cool and something very specific to your state. Thanks for sharing.

  2. New one as of 12/21/15 in Tucson AZ owned by Cummings Plumbing Heating and Cooling!! We now have 2 in Tucson, Paul Bunyon on Stone Avenue and ours!!

  3. There is a muffler man in Springfield IL and in Livingston IL.
    I took a picture of an Indian Chief at a Chevrolet Dealer in Clinton OK a few years ago.
    Could I get a map?

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