#4 Cross Plains, TN M Man

My first indian sighting was in cross plains TN and it was my first time to get a good look at the changes International Fiberglass put to their Indian M Man. They used the same leg mould as their cowboys but used a plaster splash for the chest and modified their arm mould to give a different stance for the indian brave. The same stance was also given to the Mr Bendo versions(see sighting #6). Indians seem to vary a bit, I have noticed that some share the same shoes as the cowboys while others clearly have moccasins. Some indians are braves with just a few feathers and others came with a full headdress and slightly different head mould. I have also seen the legs modified to have ripples down the outside of each leg (see sighting #40). This Indian has regular shoes, no ripples on his legs, no feathers and it looks like his right hand has been damaged and restored, he also has what looks to be a bullet hole in his rear.Image

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