#7 Washington, GA M Man

ImageThis one is another great example of how interesting the stories are behind some of these muffler men. I have yet to talk to the owner so I am sure there is more to it but apparently after serving many years at this auto repair shop the place closed it’s doors and this M Man fell into pretty poor shape. I’ve seen pictures from a few years back with him looking in bad shape with pealing paint. However story goes his owner won the mega millions jackpot a few years ago and not long after this guy got a complete makeover and paint job. Still stands next to the closed down auto repair shop but at least he is looking great! Will post more on this guy when I visit him again. As with many of my early sightings I didn’t track down the owners and get the full story and interview on this one. It wasn’t till after I had visited about 20 muffler men that I really started digging deeper into their history and spending more time at each location. 

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