#8 Pahrump, NV Texaco Big Friend (now in storage)

ImageOne of the rarest muffler men you will find this one is actually what is known as a Big Friend. He was also made by international fiberglass but was made from a different mold and designed specifically for the Texaco gas stations. He is one of only 4 remaining that I know of and is extremely rare. The other known big friends are in OR, AR and ID. At one time he stood at a texaco station in Las Vegas on the Boulder Highway but has since been repainted to look more like one of Robin Hoods merry men and stood atop a pole holding a sign for a closed business. Sadly on December 12, 2013 he was taken down and removed after the land was turned over to the Moon family in a court settlement. Unfortunately no one seemed to be aware of his historical value as a Texaco Big Friend and so he was simply hauled off and taken to the dump. Thankfully the guys at the landfill figured there was something unique about him and put him in a storage container. He took some damage when he was taken down and is currently in a few pieces in storage. I have always hoped one of these last remaining big friends would be restored back to factory colors the way they rolled out of International Fiberglass 47 years ago maybe this guy still has that possibility in his future.


2 thoughts on “#8 Pahrump, NV Texaco Big Friend (now in storage)

  1. I take it for granted that I drive past “Harvey” everyday in Oregon. I got out and stood under him today and was baffled by how big he really is. The tops of his shoes are a big mud puddle!

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