#10 Dallas, TX M Man


I heard about this one from a friend of mine that lived down in Cleburne TX and passed him often. At the time of my visit I knew very little about him other then that it looked like he had been here a long time and the business looked closed. Since that time I have learned about his interesting history and his connection to the other muffler men in Dallas. There are a few cities across America that seem to be more densely populated by muffler men then others. Often large cities claim just one muffler men but there are exceptions. Chicago, New York area, Los Angeles and Dallas seem to have attracted the giants in small groups rather then just one or a pair. Back in 1967 Bud and Ken Johnson started a muffler shop business together and purchased this muffler man from International Fiberglass to help advertise their new business and catch the eye of passing motorists. Shortly after the two went their separate ways, Bud changing the name to “Bud and Ben’s” and Ken went with the name “Ken’s Muffler” It was decided that Bud would keep the muffler man and today he stands at this now closed shop but still stands tall and proud being the first muffler man to arrive in Dallas. He is also one of the Muffler Men that actually hold a muffler. Ken told me this muffler came with him from International Fiberglass proving that they did make giant muffler for these guys.


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