#31 Beaumont, TX M Man


Here is a classic all the way, one of the rare half wits and also a muffler man still holding a muffler. Many believe that all muffler men once carried a muffler and that most simply don’t have them anymore. IMG_6933 IMG_6941 IMG_6924
In truth many muffler men were shipped with other objects or nothing at all. All muffler men ordered by Phillips 66 normally carried a rifle or held a tire, I have yet to see a vintage picture of one holding a muffler. Bunyans always carried an axe and then there were all the unique items like rockets and hot dogs. Midas ordered a few of their guys with mufflers as well as Ken’s collection in Dallas but I have found that giant mufflers are much more rare then you would think. This one is yet another one of Ken’s Johnsons half wits, one of 4 that he purchased back in the 60’s for his muffler shops around Dallas.

While all of his half wits were shipped from International Fiberglass with yellow shirts and blue pants this guy came off the truck in a red shirt instead. This was the last half wit Ken purchased and it has been standing here in Beaumont most of it’s life. He is weathered a few storms over the years including hurricane Rita and hurricane Ike even knocked him half way over busting his shoe. After that he got repainted and set back upright although his foot is still damaged from the tip. He also is one of the M Men that has the International Fiberglass logo on his right leg. I’ve found that it’s pretty much a rule that cowboys, service men and half wits will always have the logo on their legs while Bunyans never do. Furthermore Bunyans always have cut marks around their legs below the knee. Clearly there was some modifications going on or a time difference here in manufacturing. Overall this guy is in great shape and it’s always nice to find one of these rare breeds of muffler men.



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