#35 Wynnewood, OK M Man


It seems there are a few western stores out there that have realized a retired Phillips 66 cowboy muffler man makes a good addition to their store. More recently this is the muffler man that was used in the movie Twister but was cut from the movie before it hit the theaters. IMG_7237 IMG_7240 IMG_7251Around 2008 he was bought by Steppin Out Western Wear and was moved to Wynnewood, OK and stood along the interstate on top of a shipping container next to the store sign (see picture above). That all changed in during a storm in mid December 2011 that blew the sign over and brought him down with it. He was smashed up pretty good and by the time I got there on January 4 he was laying out back in 3 pieces and waiting for repairs. You can see bits of video from my trip there in the promo’s for the new American Giants series coming out in late Spring this year. I’ll also cover it more completely in an upcoming episode but it’s interesting to see these guys on the ground from time to time to get a better look at them and how they were made. The owner of Steppin Out enjoys collection fiberglass statues and has a large collection of animals for sale as well as a few permanent fixtures like the muffler man and a large boot on the roof. When I was there he was planning on shipping the m man north to either Nebraska or Oklahoma City for repair and by July of 2012 I started seeing pictures online of him back at Steppin out all back together again.

It looks like they repaired the hole in his neck that he already had as well as gave him a fresh paint job. He now stands on the ground closer to the entrance and no longer is on the container by the interstate. Hopefully I will get out that way again soon to do a follow up story.  Thanks to Debra Jane Seltzer for the use of her picture pre fall, you can check out her site at  www.RoadsideArchitecture.com


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