American Giants In Production

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 8.16.50 PMThings are getting busy here at A.G. as Spring is just 3 days away and I would like to get the first episode up on youtube by the middle of May. American Giants is my hobby and it comes in addition to a full time job so I don’t always have as much time to work on the episodes as I would like. Thats why I am aiming for mid spring, to give myself enough time to do it right. Production is going well and I’ve had some great help from graphic designers who have completed the set for my interviews and also shooting for the open is all done and we are just wrapping up the editing process. IMG_5510 IMG_9736

The graphic guys are also designing the logo for the series and we have a few versions we are choosing from at the moment. There is so much that comes into play when producing a program like this and although I work in television I am stepping into allot of uncharted territory here. However because there is just nothing out there in the muffler man world like this, it is something I have been very passionate about to bring more resources and information to those who enjoy tracking, finding and learning more about the history of each muffler man. I also want to thank those who have supported me and encouraged me so far and I have been getting some great feedback from many of you who enjoy this hobby. It’s all about sharing information and as I have shared my blogs many of shared their stories and findings with me and that information will eventually make it’s way back into blogs and episodes for others to enjoy. I’ll keep you posted as we move along in the production process and after the first season I’ll probably launch a kick starter for the second season so we can step up the quality a notch and also cover more of the east coast in my travels. Thanks again for all your support and information and please remember to share and follow this blog as well as the youtube channel.


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