#39 Tucson, AZ M Man

IMG_7666This classic Bunyan started appearing on roadside america reports as early as 1997 but actually arrived in the area around 1964. He was set up by Leo Toia and his family still runs the hot rod shop here after all these years. When I visited him he looked great with a fresh paint job, blue pants, red shirt and yellow knit cap which seem to be the standard colors for these Bunyans. His shirt says “Caranada Heights Neighborhood” and a small short fence is what they are using to keep him in, or perhaps others out.
I didn’t have much time the day I visited him so unfortunately  I didn’t get to to talk to the owners but I do know this one is well known for swapping his axe with a candy cane every christmas. Taking into account he was brought here in 1964 I think it’s safe to assume that Leo bought him right from International Fiberglass and this also would make him one of the early bunyans and you can tell that by the way his arms fit into his sleeves. It’s always great to see a well kept classic bunyan!

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