#40 Picacho Trading Post Burnt M Man


My 40th sighting almost doesn’t count because sadly this indian was destroyed in a fire back in 2002. However part of a leg and some feet still remainIMG_7692 at the site to this day and believe it or not I’m not the only one that still stops by to pay my respects! It has been over 10 years since a fire burned the place to the ground but you can still drive up and check out the old site and sign. Back in the day this was a popular place to stop between Tucson and Phoenix, AZ. It was visible from the interstate and was full of interesting things for visitors to look at and buy. On November 16,2002 and electrical problem started a fire that was finally put out by the fire department but not before it burnt the entire store to the ground and most of the muffler man standing nearby. When it was over part of his right leg remained as well as his half burnt arms.

IMG_7689 IMG_7690A picture on Roadside America from 2003 shows the arms still there but by the time I got there in early 2012 they were long gone. Burnt or not muffler man arms would still be an interesting item for one to have and it would seem they possibly walked off with one of the visitors. In the picture from 2003 you can also still see part of the tomahawk in his hand. These
accessories were all made by International Fiberglass and it is rare to still see them clutched by muffler men. This indian also had moccasins instead of the traditional m man shoes as well as the pattern down the outside of each pant leg.


I want to thank Dean Jeffery for letting me use the picture from his flicker account (top) that he took just a few months before the indian met his end.


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