American Giants Episode #7

IMG_0483We’re happy to release Episode #7 after a long weekend of editing. This episode continues to follow us on our journey through Chicago. The first stop on this leg is at Ced’s Muffler and Brakes on Grand  Avenue.  This statue at Ced’s is known as a Mr Bendo.   There are a couple of other Mr. Bendos elsewhere in  the U.S.. We make an interesting discovery on the roof of the building using our GoPro camera. We also make a quick stop at the “Eye Care Indian” that has been on a Chicago rooftop for a very long time.  This episode wraps up with a quick preview of Episode #8.  You will see more of Bo and Neto in that video as we move on to some of the more famous Muffler Men and try to figure out their histories. Episode #8 will be the last in the Chicago series.  Episode #9 will cover our recent trip to Dodge City, KS to visit the Dennis Hopper Muffler Men.


2 thoughts on “American Giants Episode #7

  1. I live in Largo Florida and there is one here by a parts store, but I grew up on the Car lot one block away from Ceds. Good times

    • I’ve seen your guy in Largo! Holding the tires right? Sadly Ceds closed and is up for sale as of a few weeks ago. The legs of the giant are still there but it’s not known yet what will happen to him. Check out Episode 7 in my Episode section to see our trip to go see him. Thanks for checking out American Giants!

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