Muffler Man Found in Salt Lake City


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Since starting this interesting hobby of Muffler Man tracking, I feel that interest has grown in the giants. I often get emails and tips about possibly “undiscovered” Muffler Men, or memories of where they once stood. Roadside America does a great job of sharing the latest tips that people


The American Giants Team discovers a muffler man in the woods.

send in, but for the most part, they are not new discoveries. So I was surprised last week, when they posted a picture of a Muffler Man, that has been in Salt Lake City since the 70s! It just goes to show, that even with all the spotters out there, there literally could be an undetected Muffler Man on main street of a town or city in America.



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The giant is owned by Vince Coley, owner of the Rainbow Neon Sign Company. He has had the statue since the mid 80s, when a customer brought the giant in for repair and never picked it up. Vince repaired the Muffler Man, and then set him up on the roof of his business. Shortly after, Vince decided to use the Muffler Man in parades



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and dress the giant up for different holidays and events. The statue has been in many parades in Salt Lake City, and Vince always dresses him as something different. To date how long he has been doing this, he told me that the giant was once made to look like Gorbachev, when the Berlin wall came down in 1989.


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Over the years the giant has posed as many different people and characters, although he never seems to be in one piece. Vince has kept all the pieces of the giant, and normally displays the torso and head, although he has displayed the legs as well. Vince says the Muffler Man was originally one of the rare Mobil Gas Station versions and he still has the hat to prove it!



An early picture of a Mobil Man with the distinct hat

IMG_2887Today you will find the giant made to look like Spock, in honor of Leonard Nimoy who passed in February, 2015. Vince was aware of this website and others like it, but seemed unaware that the majority of Muffler Men followers knew nothing of his giant.

Special thanks to Vince for letting me use his pictures. Also Terry Nelson for the use of his 1960s Mobil Man picture. 


1 thought on “Muffler Man Found in Salt Lake City

  1. If you are still interested in Muffler Men, a new one is now standing in front of The Inside Scoop Ice Cream Shop on Route 309 in Coopersburg, Pa. since mid-December, 2018.

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