American Giants returnes to Atlanta, IL


thumb_IMG_0208_1024thumb_IMG_0201_1024American Giants recently visited Atlanta, IL where Episode #3 was shot back in 2012. The Atlanta Library and Museum hosts a series of “Dinner Programs at the Palms Grill Cafe” from October 2015 though March 2016.  The Dinner Programs feature speakers who present a 60 minute program following dinner. This is the fifth year the Library and Museum has sponsoring the dinner program and American Giants was honored to speak for one of the evening events.

thumb_IMG_0254_1024Neto and I had a great trip back up to Atlanta and were able to visit Tall Paul once more.  I also gave a talk for the dinner evening program at the Palms Cafe. I covered Muffler Men and their history in detail and showed about 180 pictures throughout the talk. We had fun chatting with everyone afterwards and sharing some of our collection. In addition to some post cards and DVD’s we also brought along a Mr Bendo head and arm for people to check out up close. We were housed in the Colaw Rooming House for the night, a great experience I would highly recommend! It was also fun to meet some of our Instagram and website followers who attended the event.

If your interested in American Giants speaking for one of your events, please contact us at


2 thoughts on “American Giants returnes to Atlanta, IL

  1. Very interesting. I’m from Toledo Ohio. Back in the 60’s-70’s we had a fast food restaurants called Uncle Sam. Each location had a tall fiberglass giant, wearing top hat, coat tails, beard, and legs were spread apart. All were painted in a red, white, and blue theme. After business closed one or two still hung around area. Did the company that made your giants maybe also made Toledo’s Uncle Sam ? or were they more than one company doing these ?
    A few years ago the city was into large fiberglass frogs, each was painted different color scheme, afterwards they were sold.

  2. Thats really interested about the Uncle Sam statues, I would be very interested in seeing a vintage picture of one to ID it. Chances are it was also made by International Fiberglass who made the Muffler Men. If I see a picture I would know if it was IF or not. Thanks for the info and if you come across a picture email it to me

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