Magic Forest Sells All!



1987 Danbury Fair Auction

Magic Forest, an amusement park in Lake George, NY has been around since the 70s and since that time they have collected a massive amount of fiberglass. Magic Forest is well known in the roadside attraction world and to travelers. They probably have one of the largest collections of original fiberglass figures from the 1960s. Much of their collection was made by Bob Prewitt, International Fiberglass and FAST. Many of these giant figures and animals came from the Great Danbury Fair auction of 1987. Magic Forest recently sold their park and the new owners will be going with a new theme and are not interested in the current collection of animals and figures.

5219For those who collect old fiberglass giants and figures this is like hitting the jack pot. Included in their massive inventory are many sought after and well known figures like the Esso Tiger, Sinclair Dino, A&W figures, Muffler Men and the large Santa in the front parking lot. A few items have already sold and sadly the giant Uncle Sam figure is not for sale but returned to Danbury but most of this massive collection is for sale and waiting for you to check it out.

5138cAmerican Giants is helping negotiate the sale of the figures for Magic Forest. Once a price is agreed upon and the deal made, buyers will work directly with Magic Forest on payment and pickup. If you have any questions please let us know. Click HERE to go to the Magic Forest page and see all the items listed in detail.

4 thoughts on “Magic Forest Sells All!

  1. what a shame. I used to go there as a kid. They have no idea of the value of what they have! Hope they go to good homes and that we can visit them again in the future.

  2. I wish I had the money needed to buy and transport these. I have space but no funds.
    Hopefully they will find a good home.

  3. We always had a great time at The Magic Forest. First, with our own boys, then with my granddaughter. The diving horse, and the ‘Magic of Jimmy Brown’, Chapel in the Pines, the Silo slide, ALL of it wonderful. Sad to see it go. It seems Lake George is losing a bit more of its charm.

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