Chicago’s Mr Bendo

Screen Shot 2019-12-25 at 1.42.17 PM.pngAfter taking a long break from making Muffler Men episodes, American Giants has released a brand new episode detailing the story of Chicago’s Mr Bendo on the roof of Ced’s Muffler. In the early 60s a dozen or so, 21 foot unique Muffler Men were made by International Fiberglass in Venice, CA to advertise a muffler bending machine called the Bendo. The giants were called Mr Bendo, and ere purchased by auto garages who owned the machine and wanted to better advertise it. One of these giants was transported to Chicago by train and was in stalled on the roof of a Muffler Shop in Humboldt Park. In episode 7 produced in 2012 we visited the Muffler Man and searched for the missing head. Now in this follow up episode we reveal the entire story and where the giant is today and how he got there.


1 thought on “Chicago’s Mr Bendo

  1. Thanks Joel…I beat you to it and saw it yesterday on YouTube. The best complete story video yet!

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