Massive Final Magic Forest Auction

We have been helping Magic Forest sell off their larger fiberglass statues and Muffler Men for a few years now. It’s been a great journey and we’ve learned a ton and met many of you collectors out there. It’s been great to see the passion everyone has for these giants and preserving them. So today is bitter sweet as we come to the end of our part in finding homes for all these pieces. Starting Sept 1, Collar City Auctions began auctioning off the remaining items. Much of what you will find on their website has never been listed before and a bunch of it is all the kinds of things many of you asked me about. Signs, pixies and all kinds of Danbury stuff that we never listed. There are hundreds of items to look through and chose from so I would encourage everyone to head over to the Collar City Auctions website and check out this massive selection. The auction will last till Oct 1 and much of this collection starts out at $25 per item. Click on the link and scroll down to the bottom and click on the link that says “Massive Theme Park Memorabilia Collection”


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