Glenn Goode Documentary Released

We have been working for the last few months to finally complete the Glenn Goode Documentary that we shot back in 2015. The project got sidelined years ago due to the restorations and a busy schedule and time has flown by. Recently we were contacted by Glenn’s family who were aware that we had recorded him shortly before his passing and were interested in seeing the footage. So in October we dug everything out of the archives and started editing. It has been a long process but we are excited to release the full 30 min documentary on Glenn and the story behind his big people.

So enjoy the story of Glenn Goode, the Texas fiberglass man who found a headless and handless 22ft advertising statue in 1970 and built a roadside empire. Today these giants, known as Muffler Men, are sought after roadside attractions, but when Glenn found his first giant, the era of advertising giants was ending. Learn from Glenn himself, how he acquired each of his giants and the fascinating story behind his collection. Meet the man who helped Muffler Men, become the sought after roadside attractions, they are today.


2 thoughts on “Glenn Goode Documentary Released

  1. Hello

    Really enjoyed the video!!!

    Thank you for the hard work and professional documentary!

    Kip K. Atchley

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