#16 Van Nuys, CA M Man

Visited my 16th muffler man on a hot July day which ended up being a big day for M Men, I think I saw a total of 5 that day. We started out here at Tune Up Masters and I talked to one of the employees who told me this Bunyan has been here for over 40 years now, which puts him as arriving around 1972 or before. He was more then likely ordered direct from International Fiberglass and I doubt he has ever left this corner since he came out of the shop a few miles to the south in Venice. The LA area has a population of 10 muffler men that I know of and this is not surprising due to the close proximity of their manufacturer International Fiberglass. I was told how this Bunyan survived the 1994 earthquake without a scratch while some of the buildings on his block did not fair so well. He stands today in faded paint and with a skin painted beard making him appear a bit odd. I guess if you want a clean shaved muffler man you can’t simply order that version anymore so painting over the beard is the next best option. Interestingly enough the ┬ábearded bunyan was the first version made by I.A. and when the cowboys and beardless guys came along later they simply filled in the beard on the mould with a plaster splash giving muffler men that nice recognizable lantern jaw. Reports on http://www.roadsideamerica.com mention he held some tires back in the day. No one has reported on this guy on their site since 2006 so someone post some new pics for us!