Bow Ties

Kingsport M ManMuffler Men come in many different forms and verities although all are descendants of the original Bunyan and follow after the same mould. The more muffler men I see the more I discover and one interesting discovery was bow ties. Apparently international fiberglass either got some requests for bow tie versions or added it to their list of features but a handful of these versions still exist across the states and Mexico. They mostly exist on the standard service man model and so far there are seven of them that I know of. My #2 sighting was the first bow tie I saw in Zephyrhills Florida (formerly in Seven Points, TX as a Phillips 66 Cowboy)

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 7.14.14 PMThey are also located in HancockMA, Kingsport TN, Piedra Negras Mexico, Los Angeles CA, Kittaning PA and one at Ft Cody in North Platte NB. The one at Fort Cody interestingly enough looks like an indian version of the muffler man but upon closer inspection it’s actually a service man model with a bow tie just dressed up as an indian. There may be more bow tie versions out there, if you know of any let me know! Special thanks to Amy Ryder for sharing her picture of the Kingsport Muffler man.


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