#29 Atlanta, GA M Man


IMG_6397 IMG_6360Hands down this is one of the finest Bunyans I have seen out there. Every so often you find an owner that has either refurbished or taken amazing care of their m man and the Bunyan at George Boyd and Sons Tire Company is a very good example of that. He is located just north of the Atlanta airport and has stood here since at least 1997 and probably a few years before that. At this point in my muffler man hobby I still wasn’t going in to every business and getting the background story. Allot of the information I write about my early muffler men sightings I have learned since or have gone back for a second visit.

On this morning I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to go inside and ask a few questions so this guys history is still on my to do list. I’m not sure where he came from originally and roadside america surprisingly sheds very little light on this guy so I’ll have to blog again sometime in the future or come back and edit this one. He is in amazing condition and there’s only a few bunyans out there that are in this good of shape. I also noticed that his eyes are painted blue which is a bit strange but sure makes him unique! Also once again you will notice the cut or mold marks on his legs, I am noticing more and more that all bunyans have these cut marks below their knees. One day I will have an answer as to why that is.


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